Book Review: This House Needs A Mouse


I was asked to write an honest review of a new children’s book that has just been published.  

This is my first children’s book review.  

The four kids snuggled up around me in the tiny twin bed and we started a new book called This House Needs A Mouse. The kids were immediately intrigued by the illustrations and how the families in the book are the same size as the houses they live in.

The book chronicles the tale of a very ordinary family living in a very ordinary house, but the house has a very annoying problem: it is filled with crumbs.

I really related to the problem at hand in this book since I happen to HATE crumbs. Ask my children and they will tell you that crumbs make me very grumpy. Graham cracker and Saltines crumbs are my nemesis.

So this ordinary family has a very extraordinary way to deal with crumbs. They go to the Pet Shop and purchase a mouse! The mouse is so happy to finally be free of its mouse cage, but unfortunately the mouse encounters a series of problems with his newfound freedom.

You will have to read it yourself to learn what happens to the house filled with crumbs and the mouse whose job it is to clean them.

Ava enjoyed the book because she said it is always nice to give someone a second chance. Violet loved how the mouse was so ambitious (she didn’t use that word though) at getting the cleaning job done around the house. I thought this was interesting coming from a child who never picks up a single thing around the house. Apparently she appreciates that quality in others, though.

Preston and Elsa loved the parts where the toddler spoke in his cute toddler voice.

I liked the book because it proved the point that people are always happiest when the house is clean (although I don’t need the mouse thank you very much).

The book is now available on Amazon.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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