Social Experiment Part 2: No iDevices in Cabo

I know you are all just waiting at the edge of your seats to know whether our device-free Mexico trip was a success or a disaster (ha!).

I am happy to report that NOT having devices on this trip was ironically more peaceful and pleasant.

We had more quality time with the kids.  On the airplane we read books. The kids played the card game WAR non-stop, they colored and drew pictures.

These are the kind of things we did as kids before devices, and we survived.

The kids spent all of their time in Mexico frolicking on the beach, galloping on horseback, wading in the pool, playing cards with Uncle Ron, and devouring burritos.  The iPad was not asked for one time.  We all had an understanding and so the kids very happily found other things to do.

They all asked to play the iPad when we got home from Mexico.  And of course we let them play.

Everything in moderation.

We had a really great trip to Mexico with the Domestics and Chris’ brother Ron and family.  I leave you with some vacation photos.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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