Role Reboot: A Happy Housewife


Remember that time that you put your best dress on and applied your makeup and put your hair in a fancy updo to ready yourself for when your husband gets home from work?  The casserole was sizzling hot in the oven.  The kids were — well — who knows where they were.  Outside playing with the neighbor kids I’m sure. Your husband arrives home and you ask him how his day was honey and removed his shoes for him.

I’m sure you can’t think of a time when any of that happened.

Fast forward 65 years and a cultural evolution later, the role of the housewife has changed.

My article A Husband’s Guide To Maintaining A Happy Housewife is up on Role Reboot today.  It is interesting to realize how the role of the woman in the home has changed over the year.  Hopefully you will get a few chuckles out of it

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

Sometimes Plans Change


  Sometimes we make these beautiful perfect plans and then we have to cancel them or change them or the entire trip is in a state of flux. It hasn’t been the easiest winter with the children passing around viruses of every sort. Today we were supposed to be enjoying Santa Cruz with it’s beaches…

No Gun Ranges Near Schools!

guys shooting

Some things in life just make you scratch your head and wonder how can this possibly be?  I’m sure you would never think anyone could build a gun range next to two elementary schools.  In the middle of a community. Adjacent to a walking trail flanked by horses and natural habitat. Well, it can happen.  And…

The Hip Mothership Getting Personal

I was chosen by Tanya Bowstead of City Mom Loves chose to feature me in her “Meet The Moms” Series today.  It is a Q & A session where Tanya asked me some cool questions and I answered with my typical blunt honesty. Check it out here: Until next time, the mothership is signing off….

San Francisco Haiku


A Holiday Haiku San Francisco getaway so fun and not fun life when traveling with kids Until next time, the mothership is signing off.  

The Complex World of The Tweenage Girl


To say that it has been a difficult month with my beautiful tween daughter is, well, a major understatement.  I will not subject the general public to the gruesome details about what it is like living with a girl child in the throws of adolescence. But I will say that being stuck in the middle childhood…

My Daughter Doing “Say Something” On The Piano

My daughter is 10 and she recently went to her piano lesson and told her piano teacher that all she wants is to play the song “Say Something” by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilara.  They came up with this in a 1/2 an hour lesson. If you feel it, you just feel it….