Where is my doctor mandated bed rest? I am 27 weeks and am huge as a house. The babies weigh almost 2 pounds each and babycenter.com tells me they should be the size of an English hothouse cucumber. I am carrying around three large cucumbers not to mention the placentas and ambiotic fluid. It is a heavy load. Regardless, I just went to my 26 week appointment where my seemingly perfect cervix is preventing me from enjoying the relaxing surroundings of my bedroom all day. I have to admit though that Chris does make it possible for me to get quite a bit of rest whenever possible. He takes care of the house responsibilities, meals and Ava. The sad part is that he goes back to work full-time on Monday. My nanny starts a week from Monday and she will be a lifesaver I am sure.

The truth is that I am very fortunate to be mobile at this stage. I am lucky to have made it this far without bed rest. In fact, many moms carrying triplets are in the hospital on terrible medication to prevent contractions at this point. I cherish every week that I make it through without the worries of having my babies way too early.

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Bed rest??

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