Classy title isn’t it? Yes, I barfed last night. I am not really sure why. I started feeling nauseated around 6 last night. I don’t think I had eaten enough food in the afternoon and then I took a prenatal vitamin, which can cause nausea. Usually I am pretty tough and try not to spend too much time complaining but the barfing episode combined with the incredible lack of sleep brought me to tears. It was just me, my barf, and my tears sitting on the bathroom floor. Then Chris came to rescue me from my misery with the sympathy and the cold compress. I must say that in the end the barf was worth it because I felt exceedingly better. The bad part was that now I didn’t feel like eating anything and you can probably guess, when you are growing three babies inside your belly, food is a very very important aspect of life. I ate a bowl of cinammon Life cereal and went to bed knowing that I would pay for the lack of food later that evening. Sure enough, I woke up at 3:30 starving to death and in overall misery. I never went back to sleep. I could really use a heavy dose of some sort of drug right now – I don’t know which one I need and I would not be picky. But since that is not an option, I figure this sleep deprivation is good training for when the babies are home with us.
My next entry will be so pleasant, I promise.
Until then, the mothership is signing off.

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Sleep Deprivation and Barfing

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