It is strange living in the maternity floor of the hospital. There is no sleep for us. Between my roomate and I, we get woken up about 6 times in the night. I get woken up at midnight for a quick blood pressure check so they can give me my anti-contraction medicine which is actually a blood pressure medicine that helps with contractions. This morning I had a special wake up treat. At 5am, a woman wakes me up from a sound sleep and I look out from my bed and see a big scale taunting me at my bedside. Did they really just wake me up to weigh me at 5 in the morning? I must be dreaming. I wasn’t dreaming. I begrudgingly got on that scale half asleep only to get to see that I have crossed over the 150 pound point. I got back into bed and had just fallen asleep when a perinatalogist intern or resident or something like that came in to do a little poking and prodding at my belly, and ask me questions. Then, of course, my nurse later came in to give me some more medicine. This is only for me . . . my roomate has all her own interruptions also. I don’t get very upset about it though because I seem to sleep better in the bed here than at my bed at home for some strange reason.

I don’t know what the day holds for me but I hope it is as uneventful as possible. The babies are busy little monkeys again today and I am having a hard time finding a comfortable position. Three 3 pound babies rolling and kicking at the same time is a strange and uncomfortable phenomenon, but at least I know they are healthy in there when they move.

I just want to take a moment to again thank everyone for the phone calls and visits and support Chris and I appreciate it all so much. I also want to take a moment to acknowledge my husband who has been the biggest superstar through this entire pregnancy. I get all the attention because I am carrying all of these babies, but Chris is really the behind the scenes hero in this whole process. He takes care of the house, Ava, the animals and he took care of me while I was home, and he works h, without ever complaining about a single thing. He has done such a fantastic job making this transition for Ava smooth and making her feel so loved. I don’t know how I would’ve ever done this without his love and support.

Here’s to you Chris!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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