Here is a new study that came out about lead that has been found in ALMOST EVERYTHING we feed our kids.  Talk about disturbing and overwhelming!  I am about ready to buy and farm and eat off the land because this is just ridiculous.  Do you think you are safe because you spend twice as much money and buy organic canned and packaged foods? Well, high amounts of lead were found in organic brands from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s as well.  Here is the article if you are interested:

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New Warning Out! Apparently We Are All Killing Our Kids

One thought on “New Warning Out! Apparently We Are All Killing Our Kids

  • August 18, 2010 at 5:55 am

    I know! Can you believe this!? I took everything back to TJ’s and printed the article out for them. My sister did the same and they indicated that they are fully aware but not pulling the stuff off the counters because….WHY?! exactly. I did not get a full explanation about this. They refunded everything and were at first helpful but then the manager was a bit snarky with me in the end.
    Buy Fresh and often, is now my motto. We are currently working through the 175lbs of local, naturally raised lamb and cow we had butchered and split with my sister. Let me know if you want the number for our rancher 😉


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