I have received some feedback from readers dismayed at the fact that I would say I cut Ava’s hair 8 inches but fail to provide visuals to accompany my announcement.  So here is your full slideshow! Some of the pictures are from Ava’s school play last Thursday; the triplets came to watch also.


Driving in the car on the way to Acro gymnastics.

Ava: I wish I could see the inside of myself, like what it looks like inside my body

Mothership: Well, do you know that people like doctor’s in medical school work on things called cadavers.  Do you know what cadavers are?

Ava: No

Mothership: Cadavers are preserved dead people that are used for people like doctor’s in order to perform medical procedures for practice.

Ava:  I want to be a doctor

Ava: Is it possible to be three things: an astronaut, a chef and a doctor?  I want to fly, cook and see the inside of people

Mothership: Sure you can. You can be anything you want to be.

A few minutes later . . .

Ava: I want to be a hospitarian

Mothership: What is a hospitarian?

Ava: A person who works at the hospital.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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