Ava didn’t ask for a single thing for her birthday or for Christmas until about a year ago when she was six.  I don’t know why she wasn’t interested in making a list of everything her heart delights since she is somewhat of an insatiable child.  Put that on the list of things that did not interest her.

The triplets, however, come up with verbal essays on all the things they want for their birthday and Christmas, and then they fight with each other because someone interrupts the other during the 10 minute long dissertation.

I was subjected to the above scenario yesterday while driving to the gym.  It is always Preston who starts in on it and he has the longest list, and when his sisters get tired of listening to his birthday desires, they begin talking right on top of him verbalizing their lists.  Then Preston screams “STOP! I WAS TALKING!” and the warfare begins.

I was so aggravated by the time I got to the gym that I was thanking any divine and heavenly spirits around me that I was headed to yoga for some peace and deep breathing.

Every day Violet says “how many days until it be my birthday?” and everyday I have to make up a number.  She is usually satisfied with my response until the next day comes when she has to ask all over again.

This is Preston’s long birthday wish list this year:

  1. new lawnmower
  2. weed wacker
  3. garden blower
  4. buzz lightyear shoes
  5. buzz lightyear socks
  6. a garbage truck
  7. a propane truck
  8. a ladder – smaller kind
  9. a truck to put his garden tools in

10. buzz lightyear sunglasses

That is all I can remember. I think there was more.

I told him his list is very long – perhaps too long and that it would cost too much money to get him all of those gifts.  His reply is “ya!” like he is proud at how many presents that he came up with for his birthday, not like, “ya, I agree, that is a little overboard.”

So far, this is what I have from Preston’s list.  The Toy Story Woody and Buzz Lightyear light-up sneaker.

And this is Preston using his sub-par old lawnmower with his gardening pal Mr. Bill.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Birthday List

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