I came to a realization today: the triplets do not go to school for long enough.  They are in school Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-12 and from 12pm on they are literally running amok in my house. Some days we go out to the park or the Children’s Museum, but other days I just cannot be bothered.

The triplets are at an age where they do not nap but they have a ton of energy and take it out on each other.  They will play with each other for hours at a time, but 50 percent of their play is not Kosher.  Yesterday when I broke away from the three loads of laundry I was folding and went upstairs to check on them, I discovered that they had made some sort of jumping obstacle course out of chairs and the beds and were hopping from one dangerous piece of furniture to another.

I think it was about then that I began to feel sorry for myself.  I am experiencing too much quality time with the triplets. They have far too much unstructured play time and it is not good for their physical being or my mental health. It was around 3:30 and I could’ve used a cocktail. I said could’ve, I didn’t actually do it (don’t call CPS on me).  Right around the time I was feeling sorry for myself was when I had the epiphany that I needed more preschool in my life.  Either that, or I need to find a part time job.  I literally hopped on the computer really fast and applied to a mediocre job, just because I was in the mood. If I got called in for an interview, I probably wouldn’t even go. The fact is that I sincerely believe the triplets would be very happy having more preschool time, as much as I would enjoy it.  For now I am going to shelf my preschool epiphany and revisit it before fall of the next school year.

Meanwhile, my wonderful nieces are in town.  They are 11 and 14 and when they are around I secretly wish and hope that my kids are as easy and well behaved when they are that age.  Oh how I wish. I asked my nieces what they like to do in their spare time and they said they love to bake.  This was going to work out perfectly because I love to eat what people bake.  So they hopped on my computer and found this delicious recipe for Apple Cinnamon Bundt Cake.

When Ava got home from school she was delighted to learn that she going to do her favorite thing in the world with some of her favorite people in the world.  Together, Ava, Elsa and their cousins baked (all by themselves) this beautiful cake. I ate two pieces and now I have a stomach ache.


Then the ladies headed outside for some pedicures.  I do enjoy myself some girl activities.  When my toes were finished, properly painted bright pink with a glittery pink overlay, I did declare out loud, “I am going to have the most beautiful toes in yoga class!”  And I meant it.  My nieces chuckled.

When I am in agony in twisted chair pose tomorrow, I can at least look down at my beautiful toenails and find a brief moment of joy.


The ladies doing mani/pedis

In other news, Ava is done with 2nd grade, which she declares is too easy. She would like to move on to 3rd grade now.  Elsa won’t stop talking.  Violet is swimming the crawl during her swim lessons like she has taken a hit of speed.  Her stroke is super fast and crazy and the enthusiasm is literally the best thing I’ve seen all week.  Preston wants a new lawnmower because the two lawnmowers he has are not enough.  Sage got off her leash at the park yesterday and attacked some innocent dog being walked by his owner. No serious injuries were sustained.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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More Preschool Please
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  • March 10, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Holy Heavens are those Ron and Lucy’s girls? You know, Letvins just do NOT make ugly kids. Go Poppy!!!!


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