This is a nice little quote that my sister found on the back of a truck driving along near where she lives.  No she does not live in Alabama or Mississippi (sorry if any of you are from those States).  She lives in Sacramento, California.

If you cannot read this, let me help you:

Disrespect me, I’ll get over it.  Disrespect God and his holy word and there is an eternal price to pay in hell fire burning forever.

I don’t know about you, but that really leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling all over.  Or not.


To think this ridiculous paragraph is one thing; to actually write it in chicken scribble on the back of your pickup truck takes it to a new level.

I would find this message in all of its infinite wisdom hilarious, except for the fact that I find it offensive.  When I was younger, I was told by someone close to me that if I didn’t believe in God I would end up burning in hell.  Period. No discussion.  I wasn’t raised with a specific religion, so this was news to me.  I was imagining myself in the afterlife burning in a fire pit.  I had nightmares.

Why can’t we all just believe what we want to believe without some guy in a pickup truck or some brainwashed kid threatening us in to their beliefs?

Ava believes in the power of fairies.  Fairies are magical in her world and they are everything good.  She is getting a fairy room soon.  Fairies make her feel happy.  To her, fairies are a higher spirit.  I find that so beautiful and refreshing.  I am quite sure that Ava will not go around telling you that if you do not believe in fairies, that the fairies will take their magic wands and turn you in to an evil goblin.  She will not post that sign on the back of her bike.  I certainly hope that when Ava gets older, no one will tell her that if she doesn’t believe the way they believe that she will burn in hell.  But if they do, I hope she will tell them that the magical fairies are protecting her.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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WTF Wednesday

One thought on “WTF Wednesday

  • March 14, 2012 at 2:15 pm

    When Noah and I first left his bio, my cousins on the other side – the born-again Christians – told their daughter who told Noah that his daddy was going to hell for cheating on me. Noah was 5. She was 6. He had no idea his daddy had cheated on me.

    It got worse from there.

    I think I want to believe in fairies too.


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