There are always high expectations for vacations, which leaves one vulnerable for disappointment and ensuing depression.  As I stated earlier, Chris and I had set our expectations at a reasonable level early on.  Let me sum up my expectations: there will be a lot of work in the form of child management and basic care; there will be meltdowns; and there will be Mai Tais.

There were two things that I didn’t expect in Maui this week:

1.  The delicious spectacular taste of a Lava Flow

2.  That my husband would be the first to have a meltdown in Hawaii. 

I have been so addicted to the Mai Tai over the years that I have neglected the adult alcoholic Hawaiian milkshake that is the LAVA FLOW.  Perhaps it is because all of these years I figured that the Lava Flow would be too calorie-filled and decadent to have splurge on four times a day. Wrong I was since the Mai Tai is actually the highest calorie drink IN THE WORLD.

Allow me to digress away from Lava Flows to the very beginning of our journey landing on the island.  This is when my dear husband had a man-sized meltdown.  Let me paint the picture for everyone.  We arrived in Maui after a 5 1/2 hour plane journey, which was actually better than expected.  We land at 11:15am Hawaii time and everyone is exhausted.  Chris and I do what we do best and divide and conquer once inside the airport.  This time it was divide and fail situation.  Chris took Elsa and they went to get our not-so-luxurious minivan.  As a side note, our minivan is only 2 years old going on 20.  While this was happening, I had the other three maniac red-headed children to contend with.  These red-heads are naturally wild and high-strung, so you can only imagine what they were like after waking up way too early and being cooped up on a plane for almost six hours.

We waited while the luggage came off the baggage claim.  There were threats from the children that they were going to hop on the baggage wheel and take a spin.  There were times that they had fallen in to the large round planter filled with tropical foliage where they decided it would be okay to stay and play.  There were moments that my children had a complete disregard for strangers’ interpersonal space as they bumped in to them or rubbed up against their shoulders.  After an hour of this when I had had quite enough, I took Violet and Preston and hooked them in to their car seats that had traveled on the airplane all the way from home.  The car seats were just sitting on the ground and I thought it would be a good way to contain them while we waited for the car.  Man were they pissed.

At one point I texted Chris, “what is your status.  I am miserable.”

More than an hour later our prematurely aged minivan showed up with a very grumpy husband aboard.  Oh yes, it had been a long day already and Chris had three car seats to install.  Chris was performing the car seat installation in the loading / unloading baggage claim area of the airport, with kids climbing all over him and sweat dripping from his brow.  This is when he sustained an injury; a piece of skin and soft tissue ripped off of his wrist.

Things didn’t get better when we stopped at Costco on the way to the hotel.  Chris didn’t want to stop at Costco because he figured we could just go to the local grocery store.  I figured if any family should stop at Costco on the way to the hotel, it should be us.  We are the type of family that makes Costco profitable.

Chris and I decided that Ava and I would jump out and do a quick shop and leave everyone else in the car.  Ava and I literally ran through the store getting food for the week.  I believe we made it out in a half an hour.  When we got to the car Violet was screaming.  She was done with the journey and she had to go pee. We got about 20 feet through the parking lot when Chris had to pull over to the side emergency style, I jumped out and let Violet go pee in the lawn at the periphery of Costco parking lot.  While she was peeing I could see that people in cars were having a hard time getting by our minivan.  Some guy drove by and said “can’t you see that you are in the way JACKASS!”

This is about the place that Chris melted.  He was over the travel portion of our vacation.  He was tired and had a hurt hand.  He thought the Costco stop was a stupid idea and then he had to sit in the parking lot and listen to Violet scream bloody murder for a half an hour.

Chris put in major manual labor for our family to get us to Hawaii.  While I am the organizational brains behind the family, Chris does all of the heavy lifting and transportation services like a pack mule.  He makes sure our travel arrangements are perfect.

The good news is that all of this happened in the first 2 hours of our trip and the rest has been amazing.  We have been at the beach all day every day.  We have gone to a Luau, out to dinner, over to my sister’s condo for dinner, over to my parent’s condo for dinner. One morning Chris and I paid for the kids to go to the Kids Club here at Hanua Kai for the morning and we went to Lahaina town for breakfast at Longhi’s and shopping.

I will be writing a few posts in the next day about the particulars of Maui; a review of the hotel and beaches and a few events we have done with the kids.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Lava Flows and Manly Meltdowns
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  • April 9, 2012 at 9:16 am

    LOVE Lava Flows…they are a favorite treat of Dave and I when in Hawaii!


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