Has facial hair made a comeback?  Everywhere I go I see men with beards.


I remember the mustaches of the 70s and 80s because my dad had one for what seemed like a very long time.

This is my dad doing his impression of Kip from Napolean Dynamite.












My father-in-law had the wilderness man look with his full-on beard mustache combo in the late 70s before he became corporate man.

And then Dick brought the beard back again in 2006.  My dog Sage really likes Dick’s beard.

Check out the beard on this billy goat. Now that is a beard! It could also be a goatee.  There is really no way of knowing what Billy’s intentions were when he grew out his facial hair.  I think it is probably a goatee and that is why this animal is named goat.  Way to go Bill . . . you are so in and you don’t even know it.

The goatee was so 90s.  As far as I know, the goatee left with the 90s.  Or so I thought until I came across a blog post in which the writer questioned whether the goatee was still in or coming back in to fashion since two of the three men she saw on a TV show were sporting one.

Then during my facial hair research I came across an article about Disney’s New Look.  Now this is exciting.  This is the new ruling for Disney employees:

Effective Friday, Feb. 3, facial hair, specifically beards and goatees are now an approved option for U.S. based Walt Disney Theme Parks and Resorts costumed and non-costumed male Cast Members, unless otherwise restricted by regulatory codes and standards. As with mustaches, all facial hair (beards, goatees, mustaches) must create an overall neat, polished and professional look and must be fully grown in, neatly groomed and well-maintained at no longer than a quarter of an inch in length.

Does this mean that facial hair is BACK?  If so, how long is this hairy trend going to last?  When facial hair is out of fashion, will Disney be sending a new memo out, maybe saying something like this:

Effective immediately, there will no longer be facial hair allowed at Walt Disney Theme Parks.  We find facial hair to be outdated and unattractive.  Unless you live in the back woods or remote locations of the world, you should not be sporting mustaches, goatees or beards, even if well groomed to an inch in length.  We don’t want to scare the children.  

I cannot help but notice how many men are sporting beards these days.  I actually like a beard on a man who can grow one out properly and doesn’t look like a terrorist wearing one.

Here is a bearded Adam Levine with Maroon 5. That isn’t hard on the eyes.

My mother-in-law has a big time crush on Jeffrey Morgan who is on the new show Magic City. Oh yes, he has a beard.

This is the beard my brother-in-law is currently growing:

A couple of weeks ago my clean shaven husband decided to grow a beard out.  He was obsessive about it.  He obsessively looked at himself in the mirror and he also obsessively scratched it.  The beard drove him crazy. I think he looked very handsome with a beard.  His beard was interesting because if you looked closely, you would see patches of white, gray, black and orange.  His beard looked like a calico cat.  He shaved off the facial hair yesterday because he couldn’t handle the itch.  The kids liked to caress the beard.

If you have an opinion on facial hair, do tell.  Do you like beards?

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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One thought on “WTF Wednesday

  • April 18, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    Heck to the yes! Hot Joe always sports at least a mustache and goatee if not an Adam Levine (forever that is what I will call it. Damn he’s hot. And the tattoos? YUMMMM)

    Sorry, I got away from myself.

    I love Joe.


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