As summer approaches every year I start to get anxious, and then I get irritated that I am anxious about summer.  While everybody else in the world (or so it seems) cannot wait for their children to get out of school for the summer, I wonder what the heck I’m going to do with my four young children for two whole months while there is no school.

This child needs to stay busy all day.  Thank goodness we have a swimming pool that has already been taken full advantage of in the month of May. I have her enrolled in a soccer camp and a nature camp.  Depending on my mental anguish due to harassment by little people, I have backup summer camps.  I will also need to set up about 100 play dates for Ava.

Don’t get me wrong, summer is the most wonderful time of the year (sorry Santa) in my book. There is all day swimming, gin and tonics and summer fruits and vegetables.  My husband and gardener have built me four gorgeous raised planters so I will have tons of produce to pick and eat all summer, unless I screw it up.  I will be doing a blog in the next week about the evolution of the raised bed garden from start to finish.  I think it has been a pretty awesome process. I am not showing any pictures now because I am going to save them.

I figure since I originally started this blog because of my children, I should probably write about them and show some pictures every now and then.  I hear through the grapevine that there are some family members up in arms that my blog posts don’t have enough information about my children anymore.  You know who you are.











In Ava news:  Ava’s school recently took 4th place in the annual Spelling Bee.  Her team spelled the first five rounds of words all correctly.  There were five teams in the final round and this is where the words started to get crazy hard (for a seven year old).  A few of the words in the final round were erosion, sandwich, puzzle, average and amount.  Yikes.  Ava said that she only missed sandwich because she spelled it sandwitch.  When I misspell sandwich, I spell it sandwhich. I was very proud of Ava.

Ava also competed in her first Biathlon.  She ran 1/2 a mile and rode her bike for 2 miles.  I think it was more difficult than she expected.  I was proud of her for getting out there and doing it.

My boy Preston had his first playdate on Friday with his BFF Landon.  He adores Landon.  So I brought Landon and the triplets home from preschool and the minute we stepped out of the car is when rough housing commenced.  Landon is a year older than Preston, and quite a bit bigger.  Instead of jumping in the trampoline, Landon would catapult Preston across the entire trampoline. No I am not exaggerating. They were wrestling, hitting, pushing, punching.  Preston was hysterically laughing the entire time.  I had to put an end to it because I thought my precious baby boy was going to get one of his limbs broken.  I sacrificed my sanity and got out the play dough (I hate play dough for the ridiculous mess it makes) to calm the boys down.  Instead of playing with the play dough they threw it at each other as hard as they could.  I got a glimpse into my world if the triplets had been two boys and a girl like I was originally told.  I dare say my life would be even more of a crazy wild circus act than it is now.

The entire class
Kids with their wonderful teachers

The triplets graduated from preschool today.  They completed a year of Montessori and learned and grew so much.  I am proud of all of their accomplishments socially and academically.  At the beginning of the year they really stuck together the entire time they were at preschool.  Today they have all made their own friends and are proud of their individuality.  They have one more year of preschool and then they are off to Kindergarten.

I took this picture of the kids at the park the other day.  I just love the artistic element of it and I love that they set this up all on their own.  This picture shows the whimsical nature of being a kid.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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  • June 5, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Ok so I know I’m missing the point of the play dough story here, but…. I do have a killer play dough recipe that stays intact and doesn’t make a huge mess. At least it won’t be in pieces when they throw it at each other! 🙂


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