We are in Southern California for the week to celebrate Chris’ Aunt’s 80th birthday and to visit family.  Yesterday morning I ran out of my in-laws house like it was on fire.  I don’t think I said goodbye to anyone.  I was headed to a much needed yoga class. Being a parent is difficult, especially when you have a more challenging child.  I was feeling a little defeated.  I was feeling a bit like maybe instead of going to yoga I would keep driving until I reached Mexico where I would sit my butt down on a lounge chair on the beach, grab the book I’m reading and pig out on chips and salsa until I felt like being a mom again.

Alas, I love my family and I love my yoga classes so I did the responsible thing and stayed in the country.

Note: this is not me

In yoga class while I was sitting in legs-up-the-wall pose, the yoga teacher taught us the five basic coverings of Buddhism.  I was entranced.  I felt like it was just what I needed to be taught on that particular day.

She explained in her own summary the principals of the five coverings of Buddhism. The five coverings explain that the mind is covered up by 1) greed: the desire to want more things 2) anger 3) torpor: lethargy 4) restlessness 5) doubt. I know that I am guilty of letting each one of these emotions or states of being cover up my mind. It was a nice reminder for me to always appreciate what I have in this life and try to live in the moment rather than worrying about what happened in the past or what I think may happen in the future.

Before going back to my in-laws house I was able to let my negative feelings for the morning go and deal with my challenging child with a clean slate, living in that moment.  It was amazing how well the rest of my day went.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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