I could not sleep last night.  The moment that Chris and I have been waiting for had arrived.  I woke up at 2am to Sage incessantly licking her paw raw and realized I was having a dream about cookies.  This is my dream: I went to pick up the kids from preschool and was offered a cookie from their preschool teacher. Being unable to resist the snickerdoodle, I reached my hand into a huge bowl and grabbed myself one.  All of a sudden Chris was standing beside me.  He noticed that I had eaten a snickerdoodle and he lectured me about why I ate that cookie.  I was so mad in my dream.  Don’t you dare come between my snickerdoodle cookies and me.  I wonder what that dream means.

Anyway, I could not go back to sleep.  I was seriously tired, but I knew in two hours it would be time to wake up and head to the airport for our trip to Rome.  This information swirling around in my brain was way too exciting to allow me to succumb to sleep.

There has been underlying anxiety leading up to this trip.  Elsa has had mono and Violet and Preston got a cold.  I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to be well by the time we left for a week.  Then there was the fear that Chris or I would contract one of these illnesses just in time for our luxurious vacation.  As a preemptive strike, I have been gagging down huge horse pills labeled Wellness Vitamins.  They are so enormous that they get stuck in my chest for 2 hours and it is miserable, but well worth it if they prevent an illness.

Chris has not been feeling well for a week.  We were getting a life insurance policy before our trip, and to obtain a better policy, Chris had to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.  He was determined to do so.  He ran 5 miles every day.  He consumed the minimal amount of food necessary for survival.  Then the big day arrived.  The woman who works for the insurance company came to our home to weigh and measure Chris at 6am.  Chris put his tallest shoes on and asked to be measured first.  He was an inch and a half taller with the shoes.  Then Chris asked if she would mind if he stripped down to his tighty whities for the best possible weight outcome.  She complied with his striptease and he weighed in 15 pounds lighter.  Mission accomplished.  But this mission may have come at a cost.

Ever since Mission Cheaper Life Insurance Policy, Chris has not felt well.  He feels exhausted, nauseated and his skin hurts.  He went to the doctor and had blood tests performed to see if he jacked up his electrolytes by semi-starving himself, but the tests came back normal.  Yesterday he went back to the doctor to get a mono test and that test also came back negative.

So here we are at the airport in Washington D.C. on a layover waiting for our flight to Rome, and Chris does not feel well.   We are hoping that we can take an Ambien on the flight, sleep the whole way and wake up in Rome fresh and new and ready for spaghetti.

That may require him to take a stroll down the aisle to the airplane restroom for a quick barf.  Chris says there is a 60 percent chance of barf.

Stay tuned for a health update, as well as a snapshot of our first morning in Rome.  We land at 8am on Friday Rome time, 11pm California time.

Until next time, the Mothership is signing off.

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And The Journey To Rome Begins

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