Disneyland is only the happiest place on earth for the Woolseys if the conditions are favorable.  We had been planning this trip to Disneyland for a year. The triplets were at the perfect age for a trip to Disneyland, or so we thought.  Chris and I could bring them ourselves without help and not lose our minds, or so we thought..

We loaded up our car with the choo choo wagon.  We had absolutely no space in our car so we could only fit two cabooses in the trunk and one caboose in between Ava and Preston in the second row.  All of our luggage was on the roof of the car in a rocket box.  The fact that one of the cabooses was in inconveniently placed in between Ava and Preston really pissed Ava off.  Nobody wants to ride in an SUV with a large handle and two wheels up in their business for 7 hours.

The reason why I am telling the choo choo wagon story is because when we arrived at Disneyland on Monday with our four children and a choo choo wagon crammed into the car, our luggage on top and we were told that Disneyland does not allow wagons of any sort in the park.  Disneyland will only allow strollers.  We carted the entire damn choo choo wagon 8 hours in unfavorable circumstances, robbing us of valuable cargo room only to be told that we could not use it.


After waiting in three different very long lines in the “off-season” of Disneyland when the crowds are supposed to be tolerable, the kids and I lost Chris.  It was already 100 degrees in the park at 10am and the minute we got inside I lost Chris.  We stood in the heat for 10 minutes until I stopped a Disneyland employee walking passed and asked, “what do you do about people who lose their family in the park?” He said, “call them with your cell phone.”  I said, “I don’t have my cell phone otherwise I would’ve already called him” in my nicest I’m supposed to be having a wonderful time at Disneyland voice.  He looked at me with my four children crammed on top of each other in two single strollers and said, “you’ll find him” and walked away.

I did find him.  He found me.  It was a failure to communicate at a time when communication was of utmost importance.

Carry on we did.  We contended with long lines and extremely hot weather uncharacteristic of its October 1st calendar date.  There were highlights like when Ava and Preston were selected to be in the Star Wars Jedi training show and lowlights like when Violet and Elsa melted down because they were not selected.  Highlights like when we went on the Dumbo ride and the Toon Town rollercoaster and had a blast, and lowlights like when we waiting in line for over and hour, weaving in and our of Mickey Mouse’s plastic house just to take a picture with the iconic character.  My personal favorite time of the day was spending 45 minutes of peaceful time waiting in line with Ava to ride on Space Mountain, the absolute best rollercoaster I have ever ridden on.

Ava and I on Space Mountain

We did A LOT of standing in lines to take pictures with princesses and Disney characters.  My kids go crazy for the Disney characters. Our favorite was Merida from Brave.  She spent about 5 minutes talking to the kids about her naughty triplet brothers until I started to see the dirty looks from others in line.

The kids with Merida

We were supposed to go to Disneyland on Tuesday as well but we opted out and went to Newport Beach instead.  We spent the entire day boogie boarding, swimming and making sandcastles.  No child complained even one time about skipping Disneyland that day and I will proclaim that everyone had a better time at the beach. In only took about two of these delicious new drinks from the makers of Mike’s Hard Lemonade to make me forget about Disneyland the previous day.

As I sift through all of the cool pictures of the trip I can come away from this experience with two conclusions:


  1. It isn’t easy taking four young children to Disneyland
  2. I want to live in Newport Beach


Until next time, the Mothership is signing off.

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The Griswold’s Disney Vacation

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  • October 7, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Oh my god I just realized when the triplets are Noah’s age you are going to want to run for the hills.

    I’m sorry in advance. For you. Blech.


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