We have lived in our house and community almost 10 years.  The past few months have been very interesting with a possible move to Orange County for a job opportunity.  In this time of possible life change, I have taken the time to overanalyze my living situation.  I have weighed the pros and cons of where we live. I have assessed the potential damage to myself and my children following a move to another city mid-year.  I have embraced the possibility of change amidst the very comfortable space I inhabit in life right now. Yet, what would happen to our traditions that we have spent eight years building?  Would we have to make new traditions and would they be as wonderful as the ones we have in place now?  In the end, we decided not to take either job opportunity presented to Chris and instead keep our family in our home and community among family and friends.  The experience of moving made me appreciate more what we have and what we have built and how important community is.

We were able to appreciate some of the traditions we have created for our kids this past weekend.   It is these traditions that I know the kids will look back upon and say “remember every year when we used to . . . ,”  because that is what my sister and I do as adults.

Last Saturday we had Oktoberfest in our neighborhood.  Oktoberfest holds a special place in my heart because it was Chris and my first social experience in our neighborhood.  We moved into our house in September and  our neighborhood Oktoberfest was held the first weekend of October.  We made friends with a lot of our neighbors that day that we still cherish today.

On Sunday we participated in another family tradition; the picking of the pumpkins in Apple Hill.  My parents, my sister and her family and other dear family friends all go.  We start off with apple donuts and hot apple cider at Rainbow Orchards.  The kids jump from haystack to haystack with donuts shoved in their mouths. The parents and grandparents take photos like they are the Apple Hill paparazzi. We then go to O’Halloran’s Apple Ranch, the same place my sister and I used to go as small kids, and we let our children each choose their own pumpkin to cut off of the vine.  Then we give them each a bag and let them fill it up with apples; about a dozen varieties to choose from.

It is moments like those, enjoying the season of traditions with family, that is imprinting good memories in all six of our souls.

I always love to hear about other people’s traditions, so if you have any good ones to share, please comment.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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Tradition . . . . . Tradition!
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