My husband is a very political person, and he is not shy about his beliefs.  Nor does he ever make apologies for his views.  He enjoys politics.  He reads about politics, watches political news shows, and he loves to talk about politics.

Chris is in political heaven right now with the Presidential election just weeks away.

This election, Chris felt it was important to let Ava, who is now 8 years old, watch the debates with him.  We have tried not to brainwash Ava; she knows that we respect and support President Obama, but we have never done any bashing of other candidates in front of her.

Ava has come home and told us that a friend in her class told her that Obama is a very bad man.  On another occasion, this friend also said that Obama is a drug dealer.   Ava came home and told us this to see what our reaction would be.  Chris calmly but seriously told Ava that Obama is not a drug dealer and that he is a good man.

During the last debate Ava watched studiously and made the following observations and statements all on her own:

1.  Romney is sweaty

2.  Romney is stuttering quite a bit

3.  What is Romney talking about?

Three quarters of the way through she proclaimed boredom and asked to go to bed.

Preston, in his brief viewing of the Presidential debate, mentioned that he preferred Obama’s blue tie to Romney’s.

It is clear that we have a bunch of democrats in our house.

So I had to laugh very hard out loud today at a comment Ava made on the way home from her piano lesson. Preston was trying to tell us something and he was stuttering pretty badly.  He couldn’t seem to get out of his mouth what he was trying to say.  Finally Ava says, “geez Preston can you stop stuttering and just spit it out? You sound just like Mitt Romney!”

It’s pretty bad when you are a presidential candidate and your stuttering annoys even an 8 year old.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Never Too Young For Politics

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