As we set out on this our 4th Halloween with all of our kids, I cannot help but remember events from Halloween’s past.  The first year we stuffed the triplets into Halloween costumes like red hot chili peppers and peas and bumble bees.  They were not having fun.  They were not happy.  Chris and I were also unhappy.  This picture below is deceiving.  Ava, the can-can dancer is the only happy person in this picture.  Chris has a fake happy face on, coaxing Violet to try and be happy stuffed into the ridiculous red hot chili pepper.  I look like I might be happy but I am masking major stress and anxiety as I think about the upcoming trick or treating.  If you look closely, you can see it in my eyes.  Preston is ready to explode into tears at any moment.  I remember cross words were spoken between Chris and I that evening as we suffered through the holiday of fear and candy.

It was a much different story this Halloween.  First of all, instead of stuffing the kids into ridiculous looking costumes that they don’t want to wear, the kids picked out there own costumes and dressed themselves perfectly.  We were all organized, happy, and ready to go meet our friends at the park at 4pm for pre-trick-or-treating dinner.


The adults brought along some wine and other cocktails door to door.  While the kids collected candy, the adults sipped on some tasty beverages.  We had just enough tasty beverages that my neighbor Lea acted out her 70s costume and performed a little dance in the middle of the road (to view click on the link below and then click on the Lea Groovin’ link again).

Lea Groovin’

We actually made a full loop around the neighborhood this year.  As we rounded the bend to home, the princess and Jessie began to complain.  Elsa, as Rapunzel, was suffering from sore feet in her high heeled shoes.  Violet, who was dressed as Jessie riding on bullseye from Toy Story, was tired of trotting.  I tried a little “giddyup bullseye!” kind of inspiration but bullseye was done.  We made it back and the kids pigged out on candy until we told them to go to bed.  When they went to bed Chris and I pigged out on their candy.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween this year!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Halloween Of Past and Present

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