A few years ago I went online to find Ava Valentine’s cards she could pass out at school.  I ended up liking these tattoo cards that were $15 for 12 cards.  I had to buy two sets to accommodate all of the kids in an overcrowded — California has no money for our schools — classroom.  With taxes and shipping, these Valentine’s cards cost me over $35. For one kid. Ridiculous.  When I received them I immediately regretted spending that much money on Valentine’s cards for a Kindergardener to pass out to her 5 year old friends.

Now that I have four children who all want their own Valentine’s Day cards to pass out at school, I decided to get clever and thrifty and find them on the Internet, or make them myself on the computer.  This endeavor actually turned into a very fun project for the kids.

I brought my Macbook Air into a cozy spot and one at a time I did internet research with the kids to find a design or already made Valentine’s card in the them of their favorite thing right now.  Then we printed them with our color printer on card stock and the kids each helped me cut them out with my paper cutter. Next, we sat down and the kids meticulously wrote their name by themselves on each and every card.


Seventy-eight Valentine’s ready to pass out and they only cost me money in card stock and whatever color ink was used from the printer.  The bonus is that my kids are proud because we made them ourselves.

For Ava I found this Harry Potter and Hermione Valentine’s already created.  Click here to print it out in PDF format (you may need to sign in with a gmail account to access the pdf).  It is very easy and already perfectly formatted.










Elsa picked out her favorite picture of Ariel from A Little Mermaid and I sized it into two columns in a word document.  Then I put a text box in and we came up with what we wanted to say.

Click here for a template of the Ariel Valentine.


Violet wanted horses.  Of course.  So I found a template of Valentine’s Day cards with different horse images.

Click here for a template of the Horse Valentine’s.


Last but not least, Preston wanted a Valentine’s Day Card with General Grievous from Star Wars.  We searched the Internet for our favorite picture of the General and pasted into a word document.  Preston and I decided what the card should say.  Hopefully his very peaceful Montessori preschool won’t mind when he passes out his Valentine’s with the scary dude from Star Wars holding four lasers.

Click here for a template of the General Grievous Valentine’s Card.


Next post I will talk about the Valentine’s Day Tea Party that Ava talked me into having on her behalf.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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