I have been drinking Kombucha lately.  Kombucha is a Birch Tree cancer. It is a dome-shaped parasite that is black on the outside and brown on the inside.  It is a yeast. It is lichen-like.  The Kombucha is harvested, then fermented into a tea or a drink such as the one I am drinking right now.


Kombucha is raw and it is alive.

WTF am I drinking?

Why am I drinking fermented tree cancer?

Well, because it supposedly has many health benefits.  Right on the bottle you can see that is clearly states it has enzymes+probiotics+detoxifiers.  It is a major antioxidant which means that not only am I going to live forever but I am going to look good doing it.

I don’t find that it tastes great. It kind of tastes like a cross between tree cancer and fermented mushrooms. But while I drink it I picture it moving through my digestive system kicking the ass of potential diseases and viruses along the way.  It helps.

The kids tried some Kombucha and they all raved about how delicious it is.  It was funny, though, because no one wanted to have another sip of it.

Kombucha is amazing in helping the dreaded hangover.  I am living proof of this.

When I am drinking Kombucha, I try not to look at the inch thick brown sediment that floats around at the bottom like dirt at the bottom of the ocean.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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