Last night the bubbles got a little out of control at bath time.  We have a jetted bathtub and when you turn the jets on, this is what happens.  I posted this picture on The Hip Mothership Facebook page last night and my mom asked me where Preston went and if maybe he is hidden in the bubbles somewhere.

Usually Preston does take a bath with his sisters, just like he eats, sleeps, plays, works, and goes to school with them.  They are always together 24 hours of every day. So when Preston is not present with his sisters, it raises questions.

The reason Preston is not included in the bubble bath fun is because he was not welcome there last night.  When Violet saw Preston motioning to join her in the bath she said, “NO PRESTON!  I want some privacy in my bath today.”  I was perplexed.  I had not been faced with the privacy issue in the bathtub yet.  But Preston was naked and ready to go in.  I asked Violet if Preston could please join him because he needed to get clean and he was cold standing there in all his naked glory.  Violet said a definitive NO.  I asked Preston if he would be willing to take a shower.  He said NO.

This is when Violet offered Preston a bribe to leave the bathroom for good.  She said, “Preston, if you don’t take a bath with me I will give you five of my candies from my birthday party Piñata bag.  Please don’t take any of the chocolate ones though.”


Preston will do anything for sweets.

I did notice that when Elsa came to get into the bath, Violet welcomed her with open arms.  Sometimes brothers can be annoying.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Bath Bubbles and Bribes
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One thought on “Bath Bubbles and Bribes

  • April 23, 2013 at 7:16 am

    No chocolate? I’d make a run for it, jump and splash the whole bathroom. But I’m a girl, so…


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