I have been worrying about the triplets since they were 6-week-old fetuses.  I know, everyone worries about their children.  It is our job as parents to worry, and often something we cannot even help.

Carrying triplets came with an extra chest of worries. 

When I was eight weeks pregnant, an acquaintance told me not to rush out and buy that triple stroller quite yet because she knew someone who was pregnant with triplets and they died in-utero.  There were others who were more tactful and didn’t tell me those terrible stories until after my triplets were born safely.

Then there were the worries that came with premature babies.  All weighing in the 3 pounds, Chris and I worried about Elsa, Violet and Preston’s physical and mental development.  We wondered if there would be developmental delays or physical handicaps that we would deal with later.

Violet’s speech was delayed and she has been in speech therapy, but it was never the serious kind of speech problem.  We worried about how Preston was behind the girls in certain milestones, but he always managed to catch up.  We were told Elsa would probably be developmentally delayed because of her bad case of acid reflux as a baby, but that never transpired.

So when Chris and I sat down for the triplets’ end of year preschool assessment on Monday,  it marked a special milestone for us as parents.  We were so proud and relieved to hear their wonderful teacher talking about how far Elsa, Violet and Preston have come in the last two years.  Their teacher said that all three are more than prepared to start Kindergarten in August, and that Preston is the most improved student this year.

Along with academic achievement, what makes me most proud of all my children is how kind they are to others in the classroom, and how well they do socially with their peers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have plenty to worry about.  I worry about helping four children with their homework every night.  I worry about having three crazy hormonal teenage girls in my house at the same time.

But that is to be left in the future.  For now, I will appreciate these milestones and I will be grateful for these children.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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