The first five years of raising kids is the ultimate giving of oneself.  The first five years is the ultimate challenge to find patience and altruism in every molecule of your being so you can be a decent parental figure when your children are whining, screaming, fighting, complaining and badgering. The rest of the years of raising children are also challenging, just in a less physically demanding way.

We give so much of ourselves, and we do it willingly, out of that kind of love that comes from deep within knowing that your child is part of you forever.

Some days I wonder what this parenting thing is all about and why so many of us do it considering how difficult it is.  Then my little VV June will come wrap her little tiny arms around my neck.  Elsie Marin will tell me how much she loves me, completely out of the blue.  Preston James will tell me I am his best mommy. Ava Rose will draw me the most beautiful sketch of her and I among flowers in her vision of love.

Today Chris and I laid out by the pool in a rare moment of relaxation.  We were both feeling tired.  I had been to yoga, Farmer’s Market, Whole Foods, and to the garden store where we had had a little incident that ended with two of the triplets unexpectedly flying off the cart (while in motion) onto the ground with a crash.  Chris had spent the day working on sprinklers and yard work.

I don’t know how the mitzvah happened, but as Chris and I lay sprawled out on our backs on the lounge chairs, Ava decided to get some body lotion and give us foot massages.  Ava is an excellent masseuse, and at that moment in time she was willing to do something very nice for us.  The triplets saw Ava giving Chris and I massages and they decided that they wanted to get involved in helping.  Before we knew it, we had all four kids rubbing our feet, hands, arms and legs with lavender lotion.

So today that happened.  A rare reversal of roles where parents are relaxing while the children cater to our every need.

I could get used to that.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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