This morning Chris took Sage in to the Vet to be euthanized.  You can never imagine how difficult it is to have to euthanize your family pet until you actually have to do it, like with most things in life.

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite being so sad and teary over the loss of Sage.  I tried to give her away several times during weak moments in my life .  I complained about her constantly.  Some days, having four small children and an ill-behaved dog was sending me right over the edge into insanity.  I couldn’t give away any of my children, so Sage was the victim of my frustration. As I was the victim to her bad manners; counter grazing, pantry hoarding, peeing right on Barbie, etc.

Of course there was the time that Sage bit off the nose of a Rottweiler at the groomers.  That was an interesting phone call to receive.

Then there was the time that Sage killed a family’s beautiful white chicken right in front of their horrified eyes at our neighborhood park. I don’t really know why someone had a pet chicken at a park, and Sage didn’t know why either so she killed it.

Like all of us, Sage was flawed.  She was a pain in the ass.  But she was loyal and loving to her family.  She truly cared about us and protected us and our home.

Ava Rose_30

Yesterday we brought Sage and the kids to the park so we could let her run around freely while we told the kids that Sage was very sick and we would have to put her down.  Sage did not run freely because she was not well.  She sat in the center of us while we told the kids her fate.  We all cried.  Ava and Elsie cried the most and the loudest.  Ava and Sage had a very close relationship.  Elsa has a very caring heart that is filled with love for everyone.  She had already cried on the way home from school because Ava and her friend Ivy had to go home from school sick that day.  Chris had the most tears fall.  Violet processed the news in her cerebral way.  Then she said “we are just going to leave Sage here at the park to die?” Preston shouted with his signature look of disbelief, “what?? Sage is going to die?”  I took pictures so I could blog this moment for our family.


Chris was so distraught over watching Sage pass away this morning that he backed into my neighbor Lea’s mailbox and shattered all the glass in the back of my beloved minivan.  There is also a big dent in my car.  I have no car to drive right now.

Chris and I like to remember Sage running free in the sand on the ocean in Carlsbad, chasing birds and dipping her feet in the waves.  That is where she was happiest.  Who can blame her.


Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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