This morning I volunteered in the triplets’ classroom for the first time.

I sat in circle time criss cross applesauce with my big Ugg boots causing me problems with the criss cross part.  I was lovingly smooshed between Preston and Violet and surrounded by 13 other kindergarteners.  We sang a nice song from Zimbabwe.

Then the person of the day, little Abbie, got to share the three things that are important to her.  At the end Abbie got to choose five people to ask her questions about her share.  She chose all girls, Violet and Elsa included.  Preston turned to me and said,” ahhhh, she never chooses the boys.  She only chooses girls.” Five-year old problems.

Then Abbie chose a special rock out of the rock jar to symbolize their day today. It was smooth and shiny and all the five-year olds admired its beauty.

Next we recited a wonderful daily ritual that they have in the Pine class.

Yesterday was in the past

Tomorrow is in the future

Today is a gift, and that is why we call it the present.  

I think every morning when I wake up I will say that beautiful phrase to myself.  It seems like it may just start my day off on the right foot.

We were all sent to do our  Montessori jobs.  My job was to take some kids to a table outside in the sunshine where we would do our journaling.  The kids needed to draw a picture, and then I helped them write down a word or a sentence about their picture.Elsa drew butterflies and then she wrote that “butterflies are looking for somewhere to sleep.”  Preston drew some monster and wrote “he sat on a mat.” Violet drew a horse (of course) in a pasture with a sky and a barn.  She wrote “I love horses.”

Violet in deep contemplation about her journaling
Violet in deep contemplation about her journaling

There was a little girl who was drawing a picture of herself with a big smile on her face picking a flower and then her mom next to her with a frown.  She wanted me to help her write “my mommy is grumpy.”  I did.  Her mom is probably going to be disappointed when she sees it.

Then the teachers put fall tablecloths on the snack tables and set out a snack for all of the kids like they do each day.  It was adorable.


I left wondering why life can’t always remain this simple and beautiful.  No job decisions.  No cell phones.  No credit cards. No materialism.

Just knowing that each day is a gift to be enjoyed, and that joy can be found in simple things like shiny smooth rocks, crayons and paper and singing songs.

We could all learn a few lessons from the five-year olds in Kindergarten.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Why We Should Love Kindergarten

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  • May 20, 2014 at 7:24 am

    Es apropiada tiempo para hacer algunos planes para el futuro y es hora
    de ser feliz . que he leído este post y si pudiera me desear deseo de sugerir que algunos algunas cosas interesantes o sugerencias .
    Quizás puede escribir artículos siguientes se refieren a este
    artículo. I deseo de leer más aún más cosas
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