Yesterday around 90 people gathered at Bob and Angela Kott’s house to have a memorial birthday party for their little boy Trevor Austin.  Trevor would’ve been 7 years old if he hadn’t been born with a very rare form of leukemia called Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).  He was 6 months old when he died.

We had a champagne toast and ate cake in Trevor’s memory.  The Kotts played the Trevor video that Chris put together – the one that was played at his funeral years ago.  Many old friends that knew Trevor and were there for his birth and death showed up last night to celebrate him. Equally as special were the newer friends who never had the honor of knowing Trevor, but were able to learn a little about him through the special video.

Today I write this post to remind everyone to get swabbed to be a bone marrow donor.  Trevor had a very rare blood type and there was not a match for him in the bone marrow registry.  If there are more people registered, there will be more bone marrow matches made and more lives will saved.  It is so simple and painless to get swabbed.  I have made it easy for you to get swabbed.  Just click on this link for the Be The Match website and sign up.  You could also get more information at BloodSource.

If you live in my neck of the woods, Megan Lewallan is putting together the Trevor Kott Remembrance Blood and Bone Marrow Drive tentatively scheduled for March 23, 2014 from 12-5pm inside the Blue Oak Elementary School multipurpose room.  Mark your calendars.

Happy 7th birthday to a wonderful little boy.

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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Forever Trevor

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