I love weddings and here is why:

1. Everyone is happy

2. Seeing people you never see except on Facebook

3.  All you can drink bar

Last weekend we went to a family friends’ wedding out in Nicasio (outside of San Francisco) on a ranch called Cow Track Ranch.  To get to the wedding we drove down a rural bumpy dirt road where at the end, we were greeted by a cluster of ranch houses and barns.  And of course Cows, the Ranch’s namesake.

We took a short walk up a hill until we reached the top overlooking the beautiful California countryside.  The bride and groom stood under a Chuppah made of branches and a cool breeze swept over us as one of my favorite people, Jon Lehrman, father of the groom, married them.

The wedding reception was held in a legitimate barn with sawdust floors.  The cowboys were cooking up some delicious meat and fixins’ out back.

It was awesome watching Alex and Linda’s nuptials.  The wedding ended up being a reunion for all of us “kids’ who grew up in Camino together and then went our separate ways in adulthood.  Now a lot of us only see each other on Facebook.  It was really special seeing old friends in person and meeting their children for the first time.

Mazel tov Alex and Linda!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Barn-B-Cue Wedding
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One thought on “Barn-B-Cue Wedding

  • November 7, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    Bette & I were very fortunate to have Alex stay with us in Australia. Meg through you, please pass on our best wishes to Alex & Linda & may they have a happy life together. Bette & John.


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