Chris and I are getting our 5 minutes of fame.  We were asked by our yoga teachers to be a part of a documentary on the yoga retreat experience.  A filmmaker who has filmed and directed a lot television shows including 60 Minutes will be filming our yoga retreat and creating a documentary on the experience: why people go on yoga retreats and what happens while you are there.

In a few days Chris and I will head up to Lake Tahoe for a night with an intimate group of people and do some yoga, eat some good food, go on a hike and probably have some interesting chats.

The filmmaker, John, wanted to do some filming at our house before we left for the retreat.  He wanted to tape our family just doing our thing in our natural habitat.

The kids were so excited.  Ava was downstairs by 6:30, dressed and hair combed, which is very uncharacteristic.  She asked if were would be famous after this; if this filming was going to be put on television.

I prepped the kids by telling them to act naturally and be themselves.  BUT, they may not want to do their usual annoying breakfast table bickering.  I told them that they may be embarrassed later to see a video of themselves fighting with each other.  They all agreed to these terms.

As John was taping my kids eating their breakfast, it was silent.  You could’ve heard a pin drop.  Preston was even chewing with his mouth closed, which was for sure a miracle.  I reminded them that they could actually speak and be their charismatic selves, even though they are being filmed.

John was impressed by their behavior.  I told him that they were only acting this angelic because he was taping them.  Then Chris asked him if he could come tape us every morning at this time to create this wonderful shalom in the home.

Ava played her Beauty and the Beast piano piece for John.  Preston did some moves that could or could not be considered karate kicks.  Elsa performed her cartwheels and handstands.  Violet couldn’t give a shit.

For a moment I felt like I was taping an episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight.

When we got outside to go to school all the kids broke out into impromptu and random driveway sprints. John said that the sprints will for sure go in the film.

Later Chris and I sat down for an interview.  I was nervous even though I just had to answer some questions while looking into a camera.  We answered some questions about our life raising triplets plus Ava.  We talked about our relationship together and keeping it strong despite having four children.  He asked about our yoga story and what we expect out of the retreat.

It was a little uncomfortable at first, but like anything else in life, once you get started doing something that stretches your comfort zone, it becomes ok.

After this experience, the kids are ready for their own reality show.  They were hoping John would still be at our home when they got back from school.

John said there are going to be some unexpected things on this retreat on Thursday and that we may be surprised.  I have no idea what to expect, but I do love surprises!

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Five Minutes of Fame
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2 thoughts on “Five Minutes of Fame

  • May 13, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    We are sitting on the edge of chairs waiting for the surprises!! Good luck!

  • May 13, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    It’s going to be great! And I love that you love surprises! 🙂


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