We don’t take the kids out to dinner very often for two reasons: 1.  It’s expensive 2. It’s often not worth the trouble.  But now that the triplets are six and Ava is nine, it is actually pretty fun to take them out to a night out on the town.

In the past, we would just take them places they liked to go where we were guaranteed that they would eat their dinner and our hard-earned money would not be thrown down the garbage disposal.  This included pizza, pasta and Mexican food.

In trying to explore where we should dine yesterday I said, “well if we were really just thinking of the kids we would take them to The Old Spaghetti Factory and do some Monster Golf afterward. More Mizithra Cheese with Browned Butter?  More spaghetti with meatballs?  Sigh.  I make that at home all the time! It sounded so boring.

Nope.  We were in the mood to branch out.  While in the middle of yoga, Chris said, “let’s take the kids to sushi!” What the hell was he thinking?  Struggling to get four kids to eat sushi rolls and sashimi sounded like pure misery.  That would be branching too far out.  I said an affirmative “NO” to that in downward dog.  Then I thought about it a little more.  That could be fun and different and furthermore, what if the children loved it?  Not to mention Chris and I would be so much happier eating some spicy tuna rolls rather than pasta with spaghetti sauce.

The kids had a great time at sushi.  Elsa is now a super fan of everything sushi related.  Preston loved the chicken teriyaki, rice and edamame.  Ava loved her shrimp tempura.  Violet could not give a shit about any of it.

Chris bribed Ava.  If she ate a piece of Ahi tuna sashimi, he would give her a 10-minute massage.  I told her with complete confidence that she was going to love it! The raw tuna is the most delicious thing she would taste.  And I meant it.  But once I placed that tuna in her mouth by way of chopsticks, the gagging began.  Terrified that she would throw up all over the table, I frantically ordered her to swallow it and chase it down with some lemonade.  Disaster averted.

Since Chris is very into his photography and cinema photography hobby right now, he decided to make a short (less than 2 minutes) documentary on our experience.

Hope you enjoy the sashimi gag at the 1 minute mark.


Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Sushi Dinner: Only One Kid Gagged

2 thoughts on “Sushi Dinner: Only One Kid Gagged

  • June 1, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    What an adventure! I was on the edge of my chair wondering what will happen next!! Meg your manipulation of the chop sticks was worth watching. Gave 10/10 to Elsa
    with the chop sticks. I fact 9/10 to all, except Chris who I give a special mention for his film making.

  • June 1, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Loved it….More please. I feel like we are with you on these adventures. Great job Chris Meg, your comentaries are brilliant Bette


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