Summer has arrived with the glorious sunshine and peaceful pool days. . . and summer break. Summer break sounds deceivingly wonderful with its hiatus from the early morning rush to get out of the door and the massive school projects that require hours of parent participation. It’s true, summer break does have its benefits, but it also comes with a heavy price: sibling rivalry and a steady barrage of the phrase, “I’m bored.”

That’s right parents, whether you want to admit it or not, you have become the cruise director for daily entertainment for you children for the next two months of your life. You will not be paid in cold hard cash, but if you are lucky, you will get paid in hugs and kisses and oodles of appreciation at the end of each exhausting day.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I do not relish in summer breaks with all of the extra kid time, like some other crazy bitches dedicated mothers do (you know who you are).  This is why in the past I have always hired a babysitter to help me a few days week so I can have a little time to myself.  I also usually put Ava in several week long summer camps so she can stay nice and busy just like she enjoys.  This summer, however, I have not hired a babysitter to help and I only have one week-long nature camp scheduled for the four kids. I have decided that because the triplets are now six-years-old, I am fully mentally and physically capable of caring for them myself, throughout the two months of summer break.

Physically, I am fairly strong. I have been taking some weight and boxing classes, as well as my hot yoga and walking.  The four children will not be able to physically overpower me and take me down.

Mentally, I am still a little weak.  The bickering children, as well as the constant flow of questions and demands, is making me weak and mentally unstable.  Next summer break I may want to consider a light sedation in order to manage the 16 different interpersonal relationships and four very strong personalities that exist in my house.

Here is my plan so far to keep the kids busy:

1.  As much pool time as possible


2.  Summer Bridge Activities workbooks. My kids love them.



3. The gym.  It gives me two hours of time to myself.

4.  These Mosaics are awesome!  The kids will sit for an hour and quietly work on them.


5.  Playdates.  This is dicey because it depends who comes over for the playdate.  Certain playdates make for a great day with fully entertained and happy children. The wrong playdate can end in disaster.  The definition of a playdate disaster is one where I feel like I have 10 kids to take care of instead of four.

6.  Bike riding.


7. Hiking.

IMG_5043 IMG_5234

8.  Tie-dying shirts.  This will be my one craft that I have committed to doing with the kids this summer.  They have grown out of their tie-dye shirts.  I have no idea how to tie-dye but regular (not artists) people seem to do it, so I will try. This nice blogger I found on Pinterest is going to help me.

When the kids and I have had too much quality time and I feel like taking a Xanax, I will instead relish in the simple pleasures of life, like sipping iced green tea through this beautiful straw.  When 4:30 hits, I may turn this green tea into a gin and tonic.


Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Summer Break Is Here: Somebody Give Me A Cocktail
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2 thoughts on “Summer Break Is Here: Somebody Give Me A Cocktail

  • June 25, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    Only one comment Meg! G&T time is when the sun is on the topsides (Yachting term) not 4.30, but 5 PM. However, being the Mom of the decade, there are excuses right?
    Happy holidays.

  • June 26, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    The sun is always “topsides somewhere on the earth! Never a bad time for a G&T during the Sacramento Summer. Love to you John and Bette!


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