I love Christmas stockings. I wish my mommy would still give me a stocking filled with all those fun goodies inside, but she says I am 40 years old now, so it’s over.  My mom always put the best stocking stuffers in my stocking. I almost enjoyed opening the stockings more than I did the main presents on Christmas morning.


Yet,when I was a kid one of the popular stocking items was fruit. Tangerines. Apples. That was always a disappointing item. If my kids got fruit in their stocking on Christmas morning they may riot.


I have compiled my own list of stocking stuffers, inspired by the kinds of stocking stuffers I enjoyed on Christmas morning growing up.

The 15 Best Stocking Stuffers Of All Time:

  1. Fancy underwear.
  2. Happy socks – you know, the kind that are either super warm and fuzzy or have an amazingly fun pattern on them.
  3. Lip gloss. Centsible Life blogger and I do share a love for lip gloss as a great stuffer.
  4. Ornaments- preferably unbreakable ones. I like to get ornaments that correspond with each of my children’s interests.
  5. Latest fad – in year’s past I got them a package of rainbow loom bands. Last year I stuffed their stockings with duct tape.
  6. Gift card – Baskin Robbins, iTunes, Toys R Us. When they get older you can do Starbuck’s, Tilly’s or Forever 21. Sure, it can be for $1. I do $5.
  7. A Book – smaller sized paperback books will fit into stockings. Check out used bookstores or halfpricebooks.com for awesome prices.
  8. For girls, earrings. For boys, a bracelet or necklace is cool.
  9. Whoopie cushion, yo-yos or the slinky – those old-fashioned toys never go out of style and are always good for a few chuckles.
  10. Small bouncy balls. Kids love balls.
  11. Collector cards like Skylander, Pokeman, baseball cards.
  12. Movie ticket. Kids love to have their own tickets, and especially movie tickets.
  13. Fun pencils 494448_*4E PENCIL MINI CHNDI POM S/8
  14. Animal shaped soaps and washcloths
  15. Kid bandaids

Every year my husband received lottery tickets in his stocking.  It sounds strange, but think how fun it is for kids to scratch them and see if they are the big winner.  Bonus: if they scratch a winning ticket they can pay for their own overpriced Lego set.

There are a couple of great places to grab small stocking stuffers for kids. Target’s $1 and $3 section has quit impressive quality items. Inexpensive art sets, comfortable socks and lip gloss can be found in these bargain aisles.


Cost Plus World Market always has wonderful stocking stuffers. I mean, what kid doesn’t want a pig that you can squeeze and it shoots a ball out 20 feet from its mouth? There are holiday nail art stickers, cute little picture frames and cinnamon coal candy in a sack. I will for sure be getting some candy coal for my kids since I tell them all year long that if they aren’t good Santa is going to leave coal in their stocking. Yep, I’m one of those moms.

What are some of your amazing stocking stuffer ideas?

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15 Inexpensive Kid-Friendly Stocking Stuffers
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2 thoughts on “15 Inexpensive Kid-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

  • November 25, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    I love your list. #5 is a great idea! My students are always creating designer pencils with duct tape! I also get my husband lotto tickets as well. Fun stocking ideas!

  • December 9, 2014 at 2:44 pm

    I went to Dollar Tree this year (where everything is actually one dollar). I got adorable headbands with trendy plaid cloth bows on them, blueberry and cherry flavored candy canes, bracelets, a deck of Christmas trivia cards, a deck of Bible trivia cards, chocolate bars with wrappers that look like $1,000,000 bills, cute nerf-like footballs, Tootsie roll banks (filled w/ tootsie rolls), etc. It was fun to pick out everything, and I think it’ll all go over well! 🙂


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