kid-ipadI wrote this article for Scary Mommy, which they recently published.  I see this as a two-part article really: part 1 is about what happened when my family went to Cabo and told the kids that they aren’t bringing iPads, and how that worked out; part 2 is about what Gen-Xers did as kids before we had access to moving technology.

I had a lot of fun writing this piece because I actually enlisted the help of family and friends via Facebook to help me answer questions about what the hell we did for fun back in the 80s.  In writing it, I found it was a fond and nostalgic stroll down memory lane.

It’s interesting, though, that of the 72 comments from readers on the Scary Mommy platform, most of them center around the debate about whether we should or should not be letting our kids use iDevices.  There are the parents who are too good to let their children be ruined by technology, the parents who say EFF IT! technology is awesome, and then those who fall in the “moderation is key” category.

I was kind of expecting my fellow Gen-Xers to be taking that nostalgic trip back to the 80s with me, but I guess we are all preoccupied with our own children, versus our own childhoods.

Check it out and don’t be shy.  Weigh in.

What Happened When My Kids Left Their iPads At Home

Until next time, the mothership is signing off.


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What Happened When My Kids Left Their iPads At Home
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