guys shootingSome things in life just make you scratch your head and wonder how can this possibly be?  I’m sure you would never think anyone could build a gun range next to two elementary schools.  In the middle of a community. Adjacent to a walking trail flanked by horses and natural habitat. Well, it can happen.  And it may happen if the citizens don’t come together to protest.

The Miwok Bank of Indians, the same tribe who built Red Hawk Casino in Shingle Springs, California, has proposed building a 29-lane outdoor gun range on the property less than 1,000 yards from two elementary schools, homes and a church. Well they really didn’t propose it. They are just going to build it.  The gun range would be built on sovereign trust land where no local, state, or federal regulations apply.  A project like this would never be approved under normal circumstances.  Please watch the short video below so you can hear what it will sound like at my children’s elementary school and neighboring homes if this proposed gun range is built.

This is a compelling video from a local homeowner whose property sits next to the proposed outdoor gun range.

I showed my children the video.  They said, “is that our school?”  Then while hearing what the gun shots will sound like at their school, they said, “stop the gun, stop the guns.  I don’t like that sound!”

One of my kids commented that the sound was annoying. But it’s more than annoying.  It is unacceptable.  Please help stop this gun range from being built in this location.  Please sign the petition if you believe that this is not an appropriate place for a gun range.

For more information about the facts of this project that will negatively impact our community, go to  

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No Gun Ranges Near Schools!

One thought on “No Gun Ranges Near Schools!

  • March 25, 2015 at 10:01 am

    Megan, I am sure effected residents and businesses are pursuing any number of actions to address this problem. That said, has anyone contacted your local elected officials including your state assemblyperson and congressperson? I have found this to be an effective strategy to help deal with challenging issues such as this.


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