You can see the Temple of the Sun and the window in the middle of this picture

Today, June 21st , is the summer solstice here in California, but in Peru it is the winter solstice. This means that at sunrise this morning in magical Machu Picchu, the sun shot its beams like daggers through the central window of the Temple of the Sun and onto the ceremonial stone.

The Incans were incredibly spiritual people who honored the sun and moon with temples. They respected and honored nature as a powerful force that gave them the natural resources they needed for life.

For awhile I thought it would be very cool to be in Machu Picchu during the winter solstice and see the sun shine its beams through the window so perfectly. Then I decided it would be an extra crowded time to be visiting the Incan ruins because of tourism.

My next post is all about Machu Picchu, the entire reason we went to Peru.


Until next time, the mothership is signing off.

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Winter Solstice

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