IMG_0002_2My name is Megan and I was always the person who only wanted two children.  To me, two children and two parents equated to a perfect manageable parenting scenario.  I was the mom who was thinking of calling it quits after having my first child and discovering motherhood was way harder than I ever imagined.

Yet, one child just wasn’t in my life plan.  As my husband and I struggled to have a sibling for our daughter, we turned to fertility treatments.

Triplets weren’t in our life plan either, but life is all about adapting and making new dreams.

At 30 weeks pregnant with triplets, I was admitted to the hospital where I sat for three weeks trying to keep my babies inside my body. After slurping down countless cranberry juices and jellos, I decided I should find myself another hobby, and that is when the The Hip Mothership was born.  Why the Mothership? Because I was as big as a ship – a mother vessel carrying three babies on an incredible journey to places unknown.  Would we all survive this journey?

Before becoming a mommy I lived in San Diego with my husband and I worked as a freelance writer for various trade publications.  Now I use my writing skills to document the funny, frustrating, lovely and depressing emotional aspects of being a mom.

I have also been published in many websites and magazines in the past year. Please see my Featured In page for a list and links of my published work.

I adore my children, even when they are driving me crazy.  When I’m not childrearing or writing, I like to practice hot yoga, travel (when I can), cook, read, watch movies, go to dinner with Mr. Mothership, drink wine and spend as much time as possible in the sun.

This blog is about my unexpected life raising triplets and their big sister in a time of iPads and iPhoneshelicopter parenting and heavy competition to create successful children.

If I could have any career in the world I would be a travel writer.

If you take anything away from my blog that sparks an emotional response, answers a question, or makes you laugh, then the Mothership has succeeded.  Above all, I hope you find value in the honesty of my stories.

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